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Liquid Immersed Distribuition Transformers



Distribution and medium power Transformers, immersed in mineral, biodegradable or vegetable oil, with rated power up to 5MVA, in the voltage classes up to 36.2kV, meeting the most varied specifications, including special assemblies or dimensions.  The manufacturing materials and processes comply with the ABNT-NBR and ISO 9001:2008 standards; together with a highly skilled employee team, we ensure our equipment for two years against manufacturing defects.





The magnetical cores are manufactured with grain-oriented silicon steel sheets with step-laped cutting type, increasing the performance. The HV and LV coils are manufactured in electrolytic copper or aluminum conductors and insulated with completely dehumidified papers, impregnated in varnish. The tank is built in carbon steel, with surface treatment by abrasive blast, anti-corrosive protection with primer application and final painting, using spillage system. Active parts drying in the oven, tank closing performed under high vacuum, ensuring the humidity exemption inside the equipment and increasing their durability. All Transformers are subject to the routine testing required by ABNTNBR 5356-1/5 standards. 

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