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Transformer - DRY SOLAR



The Dry-Type Transformers, with epoxy-encapsulated coils under vacuum, from DRY SOLAR series, manufactured from 1.000 to 3.400KVA rated power, in 15.0, 24.2 and 36.2kV voltage classes, are specially developed for photovoltaic energy converters applications, able to support loads with harmonic distortions up to K Factor = 4, can also be provided, with electrostatic shielding and double or triple secondaries windings. Manufactured with advanced technology, meeting requirements from ABNT-NBR and IEC-EN standards, produced in modern equipment, employing materials and productive process that are certified and guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 standard.





The magnetic core manufactured in grain-oriented silicon steel sheets, with step-laped cuting type, with reduced magnetic flow, decreasing losses and noise level. The HV and LV coils are manufactured with high-purity aluminum conductors and low current density in continuous winding, reducing mechanic stress efforts, while the LV coils are impregnated and the HV coils are encapsulated in epoxy resin under high vacuum, then annulling the presence of micro bubbles, mitigating the index of partial discharges. All Transformers are fully tested in accordance to the standards ABNT NBR 10295 / 5356-1/5 and dispatched with the respective test reports.

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