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Transformer | DRY PLUS (IP 00)



The Dry-Type Transformers, with epoxy-encapsulated coils under vacuum, from DRY PLUS series, manufactured in up to 10MVA rated power, in the voltage classes up to 36.2kV, are recommended for application in industrial eletrical substations, business centers, data centers and hospitals that require convenience, safety, performance and reliability in critical loads. They are compact and appropriate for applications in non-linear loads up to K Factor = 4. Manufactured with advanced technology, meeting requirements from ABNT-NBR and IEC-EN standards, produced in modern equipment, employing materials and productive process that are certified and guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 standard. The DRY PLUS Dry-Type Transformers' application results in higher safety and saving, enabling its use next to the loads center, reducing expenditures with low voltage facilities and improving their performance. They also eliminate expenditures with other items, such as explosion-proof environment, fire doors, and drains to collect the insulating liquid and protective barriers. 





The magnetic core manufactured in low loss, grain-oriented silicon steel sheets, step-laped cutting type. The HV and LV coils are manufactured with high-purity aluminum conductors in continuous winding, reducing mechanical stress, while the LV coils are impregnated and the HV coils are encapsulated in epoxy resin under high vacuum, then annulling the presence of micro bubbles, mitigating the index of partial discharges. All Transformers are tested in accordance to the standards ABNT NBR 10295 / 5356-1/5 and dispatched with the respective test reports.

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