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Especial Transformers

Special Transformers


We have a Transformers line to meet various sectors, in which the manufacturing procedures require distinctive specifications, having high electrical current levels, which can be used in electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, rectifiers/converters to feed large engines with thyristorised drives, which means large power with low voltage levels.


K Factor Transformers (Non-Linear Charge)


The number of non-linear loads grows up continuously. The non-sinusoidal currents cause excessive heating, mainly in the transformer’s windings, due to the loss increase by eddy currents, high noise level, as well as significant reduction of the equipment’s life-cycle. For these applications, Transformadores União provides K-rated transformers, which present some useful peculiarities for the application:

•  Coils with multiple Transposed Wires or in Foils  windings, meeting the requirements from standard IEEE C57.110;

•  K Factor - 4, 8, 13 and 20 (other under inquiry);

•  In-rush current, rated according to the customer’s need;

•  Electrostatic shielding between windings;

•  Neutral sized conductor to operate with 200% of the nominal phase current. (Switched-mode power supplies)


Transformers in Aggressive Environment

These Transformers are used where there is presence of industrial dust, in places close to the sea, offshore applications or other places with high metallic parts oxidation probability, being necessary the use of protection degree from IP 54 to IP 65, immersed in compound mass or encapsulated in epoxy resin, appropriate for installation in explosive atmospheres.

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